Environmental Activities|Contribution to Society

Environmental Education Assistance

To increase awareness of environmental issues, we support traveling lecturers who visit local schools to provide environmental education.

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Community Medical Support

Industrial health officers provide free health examination services to people in neighboring communities.

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Regional Crisis Support

We carry out donation activities and give out donations to victims of natural and other disasters. We are also actively involved in volunteer work aimed at the recovery of disaster areas.

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Environmental Clean-up Activities

Not only do we keep the areas around our factories clean, but we are also enthusiastic participants in joint clean-up activities within the community.

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Educating the Next Generation

To encourage the next generation -- on whom our future depends -- we provide scholarships, donate educational materials and offer other forms of support as well.

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Community Development Assistance

Social & Vocational Training Center Establishment

Thanks to recent and rapid growth in India, Indian women now have more opportunities to get ahead in society than ever before. After discussions with neighboring village leaders, our Indian company established a social and vocational training center on the factory premises to help people -- particularly socially-disadvantaged women. The center offers training in sewing, embroidery, computers and the English language. Fifteen students from two neighboring villages enrolled in the first year.

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