NATULON® fastener is a resource-conserving, recycling-oriented product made from PET bottles, old fiber and other polyester remnants. It is the result of a double-layered development system using both chemical and material recycling.
This manufacturing process was carefully designed to reduce negative influences on the environment such as energy consumption, CO2 emission, the use of crude oil and the production of industrial waste. A wise use of resources is vital, it has been predicted that many resources may run out in the future.

  • * As an example of recycling, 100,000 pieces of 60cm (5CIHE NATULON®) fastener were produced.

NATULON® Chemically Recycled fastener

NATULON® fastener is designed for customers utilizing a closed loop recycling program. Made from chemically recycled polyester (Post Consumer), it is perpetually recyclable. Through our NATULON® fastening products, we have reduced the need for new materials by employing the most advanced chemical recycling technology.

Recycled Chemical Fastener NATULON®

NATULON® Material Recycled fastener

NATULON® fastener is designed for customers who want to increase the recycled content of their products, It is made from recycled materials (such an PET bottles) using material recycling technologies.

Recycled Material Fastener NATULON®