Question1 The zipper elements melted during ironing.
Answer1 We recommend placing ironing cloth over the zipper. We also recommend to keep the ironing temperature below 130°C for Vislon® zippers, and below 160°C for Conceal® and coil zippers.
Question2 After storing zippers with rubber band bundling, the bundled part of the zippers discolored.
Answer2 Please avoid bundling with rubber band for prolonged storage.
Question3 When opening or closing a zipper, the slider caught the fabric and got stuck.
Answer3 Please leave enough room for the slider to move smoothly when sewing the zipper onto the fabric. If the slider gets caught, pull back the slider slowly before moving the fabric. Do not put excessive force to move the slider to avoid damaging pull-tab or fabric.
Question4 Pin-lock type (DP) slider used at the pocket may hurt users.
Answer4 Please avoid using DP sliders where sharp points may cause injury. DP sliders are especially not recommended to use for Baby / Infant Products.
Question5 What kind of zippers are recommended for baby/infant products ?
Answer5 Special products/features, such as plastic stops, are available for baby/infant products.
Contact YKK representatives for more details.
Question6 My zipper doesn't pass needle detection.
Answer6 YKK offers "KENSIN®" zippers, which meets NC-A level for needle detection standard, set by Japanese apparel industry.
Question7 There's a stain on my fabric that migrated from metal zippers after stone wash / Why do metal zippers cause staining after stone wash ?
Answer7 Please see
2-4 Stain Migration of Metal Zippers by Stone / Sand Washes
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p16
for information on stain migration
Question8 What type of zipper is recommended for stone / enzyme washes ?
Answer8 For zippers which go through stone/enzyme washes, YZiP® fastening products are generally preferable compared to the standard type metal zippers.
Please see
2-1 Why YZiP® products are recommended for Stone / Enzyme Washes?
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p13
for the information on stone/enzyme washes.
Question9 I have problem with metal zipper color change.
Answer9 There are various types of metal zipper discoloration problems.
Please see below pages
2-2 Change in Metal Zipper Color by Garment Dye Treatment
2-3 Change in Metal Zipper Color by Bleaching
3-2 Change In Metal Zipper Color by Leather Products
3-3 Change In Metal Zipper Color by Wool Products
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p14,15,27,28
Question10 What kind of things do I need to watch out for when using AquaGuard® water repellent zippers ?
Answer10 Please see
3-1 Proper Usage of AquaGuard® (Water Repellent) Zippers
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p25
for the information on AQUAGUARD® zipper usage.
Question11 What do I need to watch out for when using aluminum zippers ?
Answer11 Please see
3-4 Cautions for Aluminum Alloy Zippers
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p29
for the information on aluminum zippers.
Question12 I've tried to pair up left side of a open-end coil zipper and right side of another open-end coil zipper for the jacket liner, but they don't match properly.
Answer12 Please see
4-4 Problem of Pairing up Different Stringers
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p34
for the information on open-end coil zipper pairing.
Question13 How can I avoid safety problems caused by protruded edges of coil zipper elements ?
Answer13 Please see
4-1 Proper Sewing of Coil Zippers
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p31
for avoiding coil zipper sharp edge problems.
Question14 What do I need to know when choosing colors from YKK Color Card ?
Answer14 Please see
1-3 Light Sources & Metamerism
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p7
for the information on choosing colors.
Question15 Why do slider paints often come off after dry cleaning / washing ?
Answer15 Please see
2-8 Slider Paint Chip Off
[e-book] Zippers Usage Instruction Manual p21
for the information on slider paint chip-off.

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