Needle Detection

Needle detection is often conducted for garments going to Japan or for baby/infant products to insure safety from broken needles. However, ferrous metal trims will often be detected and cause inefficiency in the detection process. YKK offers "KENSIN®" zippers to avoid this potential problem.

"KENSIN®" zippers meet NC-A level of Japanese needle detection standard, which means that these zippers will not be detected by needle detection level of or above 0.8mm in steel ball diameter, using conveyor type needle detectors.

We recommend using "KENSIN®" zippers if you are conducting needle detection for your garments.
For more information, please ask YKK representatives.

  1. *1 “KENSIN®” zippers may not be available for large size zippers (usually over size #7), zippers with 2 or more sliders, special shaped pullers (i. e. / pullers with large holes / rings), or ferrous platings.
  2. *2 Different types of needle detectors, such as hand held portable type, may perform differently compared to the conveyor type needle detectors.