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Director Hiroyasu Ishida

Hiroyasu Ishida

"Fumiko's Confession," which Ishida released in 2009 as a student, has won several awards in Japan and abroad, including the Prize of Excellence in the Animation Category at the 14th Japan Media Arts Festival and a special mention at the Ottawa International Animation Festival. Meanwhile, Ishida’s graduation project, "rain town," has won awards including the Novice Award in the Animation Category at the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival. In 2013, Ishida made his cinematic debut with "Hinata no Aoshigure." He has garnered attention in Japan and elsewhere as part of the next generation of anime directors. Ishida belongs to Studio Colorido(http://colorido.co.jp).

Script Writing & Editing Junichi Tanaka

Script Writing & Editing
Junichi Tanaka

POPS Creative Director and Copywriter
He creates corporate ads and product ads for Japan's major corporations, and has been behind extensive brand promotion campaigns using videos and social networking to target both national and international markets. He has won numerous awards both in Japan and overseas, including the ACC Awards, the Better Ads for a Better Society Advertising Competition, the Shots Shorts Film Festival & Asia, the New York Festival and SPIKES ASIA festival.
Tanaka has also been a judge at many international advertising festivals including Adfest and SPIKES ASIA, as well as the Russian Film Festival.

Music Yoshinori Sunahara

Yoshinori Sunahara

An original member of the Japanese technopop group Denki Groove. He released "LOVEBEAT" in 2001, a hit album at home and abroad that was released by labels in Japan, Germany and elsewhere. As a music producer, Sunahara has worked on films, commercials and more, while his other multifarious endeavors have included DJing, art design and film production. He formed METAFIVE in 2015 with Yukuhiro Takahashi, Towa Tei, Keigo Oyamada, Tomohiko Gondo and Leo Imai, and METAFIVE's album titled META was released in January 2016.
Official Web Site:http://ysst.info/

  • Episode 1Theme song

    "Hurly Burly"
    Performed by PerfumeWords and music by Yasutaka Nakata
    (Universal J)

  • Episode 2Theme song

    "Hold Your Hand"
    Performed by PerfumeWords and music by Yasutaka Nakata
    (Universal J)

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Episode 1Danny Price / Alphabet Kidz

Episode 2Emiko Takeuchi



Episode 1Lexie Sibley / Hobsons

Episode 2Rumiko Varnes



Episode 2Donna Burke / Dagmusic



Episode 1Donna Burke / Dagmusic