LE05CE 1.Place both ends of a cord in the guide.

2.Snap the mechanism together to lock it perfectly.

· Fold over the edge of a cord.

 (Follow the directions above.)

・Use a diameter 3-4mm synthetic cord with an inner core.

・Thermo-fix the cord edge to prevent fraying.

*Some cord types may not work well; therefore, you must test them with the end before using them.



· Nylon

Item Variation

Size 05 LE05CE

Care Information / Remarks

Our plastic hardware should be used in appropriate applications.
If you have any concerns regarding safety, laws and regulations related to the use of plastic hardware in personal flotation devices (PFD), baby carriers (baby sling) etc., please contact our sales representative.



YKK cannot guarantee that a product is suitable for a particular application therefore you should always conduct your own tests. Please contact a YKK representative for details if you have any questions and concerns.