Types of Plastic Hardware

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YKK can design a brand new plastic product to meet your requirement of shapes, features, material, etc. Please contact your nearest YKK office for more information regarding Plastic Hardware.

Buckles Sharpn'Loc UltraLightweight Lightweight

2WayRelease FlappedBuckle UL Approved Rotatable

Hammerloc™ Shockonloc™ Pouch-Clip Cyberloc™

Curved Minimal Thin Suspender

3Way BeltBuckle Cam Buckles I.D. Card Holder

Strap Adjuster Lightweight Adjuster Hammerloc™ Adjuster Locwave™ Adjuster

Loop Hammerloc™ 3Way-Loop Tri-Bar Adjuster Wedge Adjuster

Lockable Adjuster Clip Piping-Slider Annex-Clip

SnapHook Ring Cord Stopper Cord Holder

Zipcap™ Cord End Zipper Pull Tape End