AquaGuard® (Coil) narrow width tape

AquaGuard® (Coil) narrow width tape AquaGuard® is a water repellent zipper. It is created by laminating PU on the backside of a coil zipper.There are two types of film variations: shiny transparent film and matte transparent film.

Now available with narrow width tape.This zipper is lighter and flexible even when welded onto a garment.AquaGuard® .

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Application Image

Item Variation

Close Open Two-way Chain
Size/Chain Type3CFT8 OK - - OK
5CNT10 OK - - OK

Tape Width

AquaGuard® narrow width tape is achieved by cutting off the edge of regular width tape.

Attachment to fabrics

Because tape edges are not sealed, washing or other abrasion may cause jagged or frayed edges.This is a product characteristic and not a product defect.The edges may be treated or covered, for example with seam tape, if desired.

Care Information / Remarks

Please follow the care instruction and ensure, through their own testing procedures, suitable performance of the zipper in their application.
Please contact YKK representative for more details.

This zipper is water repellent, not waterproof/watertight.

Do not use the curve application since the slider may cut the tape.
Avoid applications where PU zippers will come into contact with "vinyl," such as PVC or PU.

[End Use Instruction]
Avoid prolonged exposure to heat and humidity and keep the zipper away from direct sunlight.
Minimal degradation may occur, but this will not effect the performance of the film.

Do not tumble dry. It may reduce the water repellent effect on the tape.

Petroleum based solvent is recommended. Do not use Chlorine based solvent.

Avoid ironing. It may flatten the film and cause the film to melt.



YKK cannot guarantee that a product is suitable for a particular application therefore you should always conduct your own tests. Please contact a YKK representative for details if you have any questions and concerns.