Support for Brand Protection Activities

YKK trademark registations across the world

The trademark “YKK” has been registered in 170 countries or regions across the world, while YKK® fasteners are currently sold from 71 countries and regions worldwide.
“YKK” has been officially recognized as a famous trademark in accordance with the certification systems of the respective administrative authorities in Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and U.S.A. A broadly similar “far-famed trademark” status has also been granted by the government in China.

The YKK Group actively registers other intellectual property such as patent, utility model, and design rights.

Trademarks of YKK products

In addition to the trademark “YKK,” various trademarks for products that the YKK Group manufactures and markets have been registered.
The following shows examples of the trademarks registered in Japan or other countries.

Slide Fastener

Customs Seizures

The YKK Group files petitions for the seizure of counterfeit YKK goods at various Customs Agencies. In addition to identifying counterfeiters, the confiscation of fake products at customs has worked effectively to stop the distribution of such goods and helps clamp down on counterfeiting activities.

We visit Customs offices and related authorities every year and provide seminars in identifying counterfeit goods. Visiting customs offices and related authorities helps to enhance our reporting system and our relations with the people who carry out the seizures.

Furthermore, by exchanging information with other intellectual property rights holders who have also filed petitions for seizure at Customs, YKK can promote anti-counterfeiting measures through Customs in cooperation with these brand holders.

  • * “YKK” is a registered trademark of YKK Corporation.