Design Bottom Stop

Design Bottom Stop Create your own design on the bottom-stops as well as slider pulls.
Our Design Bottom Stop allows you to brand your product with your original designs.
It is available in VISLON® or metal zippers.


Item Variation

   Close       Open    Two-way    Chain    
Size/Chain Type 5M OK - - -
5VS OK - - -

Variation Images

  • DesignBottomStop_v_5M_DBS1U-0002.jpg

    5M: DBS1U-0002

  • DesignBottomStop_v_5VS_BS-YK01.jpg

    5VS: BS-YK01

Care Information / Remarks

For metal zipper, available plating finishes are the same as slider.



YKK cannot guarantee that a product is suitable for a particular application therefore you should always conduct your own tests. Please contact a YKK representative for details if you have any questions and concerns.