For Babies / Infants

There are some features and items that YKK recommends and does not recommend to be used for baby & infant products.


- Plastic Top Stops for coil zippers "P-TOP"
In order to avoid possible scratching with protruded elements, plastic top stops are recommended for coil zippers.

- Needle Detection "KENSIN®"
Baby/Children's garments are often checked for needles. "KENSIN®" zippers are recommended if the garments go through needle detection process.

- Nickel Free "N-ANTI“
(EU Nickel Directive compliant, now incorporated in REACH Annex XVII)
Babies have sensitive skin, so in order to avoid nickel allergy, “N-ANTI” zippers are  recommended for application with direct & prolonged contact with skin.

Not recommended:

- Pin lock sliders "DP"
Sharp points of pin lock sliders may hurt babies/children.

- No Top Stops
Sliders may come off without top stops. Using zippers with top stops is highly recommended to avoid choking hazards.

YKK also has a selection of zipper sliders which meet CPSC 16CFR1500.5-53 torque and tension tests.