VISLON® Standard

  • VISLON Standard Zipper
  • VISLON Standard Zipper
  • VISLON Standard Zipper

VISLON ® zipper is suitable for water application because the zipper consist of plastic teeth and polyester tape. Especially the No.10 VISLON ® zipper is ideal for marine leisure applications. The VISLON ® zipper are available with a press slider which is durable to salt water. Plastic elements have a higher abrasion against sand.

  • Water performance :
  • Flexibility :
  • Water performance :
    This is a VISLON® Standard zipper. No water resistance.


Size Chain Type Type Classification
10 VF PT19 (Polyester) C, OR, OL, MR, ML

*For more VISLON® Standard zipper information, click this link.

*C = One end closed end
*OR = Open, Right hand insertion
*OL = Open, Left hand insertion.
*MR = 2-way, Right hand insertion
*ML = 2-way, Left hand insertion.

Parts variation


Size Recommendation for Water related application

KA (Press Slider)

TA6 (Plastic Slider)

*KA slider is only available for Closed/Open end zippers.


Chain type Element Slider Top stop Bottom stop /
Open parts
10V Polyacetal Brass / Plastic Polyacetal Polyacetal Polyester


  • Wet-suit
  • Dry Bag
  • Fishing Wader
  • Technical apparel (Sailing, motorcycle, etc)
  • Personal Floating Device
  • Semi-Dry Suit

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