You can simulate considering item to select availability, classification and parts variation.
The objects are PROSEAL® and AQUASEAL®. First, please select a product.



03Chain Type

03Tape Width

*Indicated length is one side of the tape only. Total zipper width should be doubled.


05Top Stop

06Bottom/Open parts

07Reinforcement Tape (Option)

Order Simulation Results

Order Length : cm

Element length : cm

Minimum value : cm Maximum value: cm Please feel free to contact us for Min/Max order length.

New Zipper(BDM) uses Overall length(OL) and YKK/Dynat uses Element length(EL)
The method of specifying the length of PROSEAL ® zipper differs by brands.

OL = Over all length (includes top stop and bottom stop)
EL = Element length (without top stop and bottom stop)

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